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Discover Saint Louis, Senegal.

Discover Saint Louis, Senegal.

West Africa’s first French colonial settlement has so much to offer. From its crumbling, charming colonial architecture to trendy bars and jazz festivals, it’s no wonder this city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a tourist’s idea of heaven!

Soak up the sights and sounds of the local culture in GuetN'Dar, an artsy fishing district in Saint Louis, which tempts with delicious fish. This is a great place to observe local culture and sharpen your Wolof.

If you’re a history buff, the IFAN Museum is for you. This heritage, art and culture museum contains photos of famous Saint-Louis personalities, an informative history section  and exhibits on local culture that are sure to leave more knowledgeable than you were before. If you’re feeling particularly inquisitive, head on to the Pont Faidherbe, Saint Louis’ most distinctive landmark.

For music lovers, pool-adorned riverside bar Flamingo is always a safe bet. Always packed, it's Saint-Louis' best place for live music.

Saint Louis is a dizzying and remarkable fusion of sights and sounds. From its vibrant buildings to bohemian bars and art village, there’s bound to be something for you here!


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 Written for KANGA by Rita Osakwe

Instagram: regal_rio

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