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Kanga Meets Zara Medugu

Kanga Meets Zara Medugu

"Ignorance may be bliss, but missing out on actual information due to fear or resentment will do nothing but keep you in the dark about the rest of the world." Zara Medugu 


She's young, African & simply golden! Zara Medugu is a Nigerian creative who writes with eloquence and wit. KANGA caught up with the young poet who wrote an exclusive piece for our loyal readers. She shares some advice on keeping up to date with political issues, being yourself and managing your expectations as an individual. 

Get to know Zara and read her amazing work.  

 Author Bio 


Zara Medugu is a poet and writer based in Abuja, Nigeria. Her writing has appeared on RookieMag, Fry Your Friends, Dune Mag, Praxis, Bloome Mag and SVGE Magazine. She is currently working on a book of poems and art. You can read her original pieces on, or take a peek into her life on Instagram @blunderrush.

Read Zara's exclusive piece for KANGA below.


 Your 20s Are LIT!

Before I entered the second decade of my life, I dreaded it. Nearly every article I read leading up to the transition was about how millennials are demon spawn who are here to terrorize the world. In some cases that’s true, but looking at it, most of these articles were written from the POV of a much older people, who seem to resent millennials for whatever reason. I thought for sure that I would be a sad, broke and confused narcissist, and though some of these traits are present in one way or another, they exist within every generation.


A trait that is exclusive to those of us in our 20s is the media-magnified skill of meandering. It is our ability to navigate the world in a way that establishes some sort of independence without being expected to piece it all together right away. Luckily for us, the current world we live in accomodates that better than with previous generations.


It's still a shame that we are continually belittled by those older than us, and that our media identifier is a vapid caricature based on an over-privileged 'pseudo-intellectual hipster.' The emphasis placed on this type of millennial overshadows the true diversity of our generation, and completely disregards those who are working hard to achieve their goals, as well as those who don't have access to certain luxuries that would even qualify them to be lumped into to the media presented "hipster" dynamic.


We’re educated, we’re diverse, we're open-minded and we’re trying to build a world that emulates that in a (hopefully) more intersectional manner.

If you feel like you’re 20s are being watered down by the media and masses, or if you just need some reassurance that you're not messing your life up, I've compiled some advice to help you navigate the decade.



Expiring for love is beautiful, but stupid

This is a quote by Jenny Holzer that I try to live and love by. Though love in any form can be wonderful, you, as a person, need to understand that you can't risk it all for someone else. Love (between lovers, family or friends) shouldn't feel like a total sacrifice. You need to compromise, learn how to read warning signs, learn how to communicate your feelings and know how to implement your boundaries. You don't have to break yourself to stabilize both halves of a relationship.


There is NO SUCH THING as a guilty pleasure

Like what you like. Life is too temporary to pretend that you’re disgusted by something you secretly love. Order a pineapple pizza, wear green eyeliner, sing as loud as you can to the High School Musical soundtrack.


Learn to be alone

I'm a typical introvert, so alone time is very near and dear to me. When I moved back to Nigeria after 3 years away, I spent a lot of time going to the market alone to buy makeup. It was somewhat therapeutic for me because there was no one rushing me or trying to talk me out of buying the obnoxious lipstick shades I craved. There’s also a certain sense of confidence you gain from a successful solo mission. Your bedroom is also a definite safe haven. When I hole myself up, I draw and watch all the movies people turn their nose up at. Spending time alone also allows you to explore interests away from the influence of friends and family. You may find out new things about yourself.


Manage your expectations

This is advice I still need to take. I'm an idealist, so I always want moments that sound scripted. The perfect first kiss, the most amazing day out, the BEST NIGHT EVER! Life isn't TV, and TV isn't real (no, not even reality TV). There are moments that occur naturally that seem like they were plucked out of a movie, but that comes with learning to let go. You can't get the scripted moments to come, or the definite reactions you want because people are people. Learn to let go, live for what's going on, and if you're thoroughly disappointed, write about it in a journal.

Get a clue

Whether or not you’re fully into politics, social issues or even your immediate community, you should know the general state of some matters. Ignorance may be bliss, but missing out on actual information due to fear or resentment will do nothing but keep you in the dark about the rest of the world. Plus, by expanding your pool of knowledge, you can learn from other’s experiences and apply it to your own life or help out another person. You can never be too educated.



Technology is great

Enjoy your selfies, texts, social media and whatever else you’ve got going on. You can learn so much, gain meaningful connections and help yourself a great deal. Don’t let anyone dismiss your social media enthuzed life for one that is mindless and numb. The internet is great and vast, just keep in mind not all of it is real, and there's a whole world away from glowing screens.


You only have one body 

Everyone has imperfections, and no one is 100% in love with their body all of the time. It’s all about learning to love what you have and learning to make it more comfortable for you. Your body is with you FOREVER, so do what you can to make you a little prouder of yourself. I definitely got happier when I got a second piercing, started wearing more black and doing squats.

You shouldn't be comparing your life to anyone else's

Of course, inspiration is a key component towards motivation and moving forward, but trying to go down Beyonce's path or even your best friend's path may not work out for you the same way it did for them. Life is ever-changing, and you are too, so it's alright if you don't have your whole life planned out in detail. It may be good to take advantage of trying your hand at various options before you settle on one. If you think you already know what you want, take small steps towards honing that skill or training for that occupation. Your interests are subject to change, just as you are.


"..By expanding your pool of knowledge, you can learn from other’s experiences and apply it to your own life or help out another person. You can never be too educated." ZM


Set Location - The Cube Cafe

Photography - Amira, Instagram - @miaidris

Muse - Zara Medugu 




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