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New Year Inspiration! Japanese Daruma Dolls

New Year Inspiration! Japanese Daruma Dolls


The new year is upon us! Many of us would undoubtedly have written out new year resolutions and goals for the new year but amidst the rigors of life, our goals tend to suffer.

The Japanese Daruma Doll is a constant reminder of the importance of setting goals and never giving up on dreams.

Using a Daruma doll is simple. After New Year, one eye must be painted onto the Daruma. The Daruma is then assigned a specific wish or goal, and left somewhere visible at home or in the workplace. Every time its owners see the Daruma, they will be reminded of their goal, and so will focus on it. Once that goal is achieved, the second eye is painted on, the wish written on the back and the doll returned to the temple for burning. At this point, another Daruma can be bought for next year, and the cycle is repeated.

Even if you don't own one of these dolls, you can still learn a great lesson for the new year.. The importance of perseverance.

The doll is designed to get back up when it falls, embodying the essence of the famous Japanese proverb - Fall down seven times and stand up eight.

So go on, set those goals and work, work, work until you see them fulfilled. Here’s to an amazing and fruitful 2017!

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