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Visit Uganda • Quick Facts

Visit Uganda • Quick Facts

Plan on visiting Uganda? Here are some quick facts to keep in mind before and during your visit. 


CAPITAL• The capital of Uganda is KAMPALA.

LANGUAGE• The 2 main languages are English and Swahili.

EXPORTS• The main exports from Uganda are Vegetables, Fruits, Vanilla, Exotic Flowers, Tea, Cotton and Coffee.

LANDSCAPE• 25% of Uganda is covered by wetlands, rivers & lakes and poses a green, vibrant landscape most of the year.

POPULATION• Over 37.9 Million people* 

CURRENCY• Ugandan Shilling.

BEST TIME TO VISIT• Between January to March and June to September.

AIRPORT• The main airport is Lusaka International Airport.

TRAFFIC• On the left side of the road.

VACCINES TO GET• Hepatitis A, Malaria, Typhoid, Yellow Fever..

WATER• Tap water is not safe for drinking. Buy bottled water.


Medical - 911

Police - 112

Fire - 112



ELECTRICITY• You should have a Universal adaptor at all times.

TIPPING• Tour Guides are tipped up to 30,000 UGX Per day.

Porters typically receive 3,000 UGX per bag and 

Restaurants expect tips of up to 10% of your final bill.

FUN FACT: Over 1,000 bird species are present in Uganda.

NATIONAL BIRD• The Beautiful Crested Crane.


Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Lake Victoria


Lake Mburo Natinal Park

Kibale Forest National Park and

Murchison Falls




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