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Editors Note • October

Editors Note • October

Hello all! Lets talk career!

Are you just starting in your career? Have you established yourself? Do you have no idea what career path to take? Well, the perfect time to decide, to start and to keep pushing is now!

Maybe at some point in your career you were (or will get) fired or turned down perhaps you will have moments of inexperience, lack of motivation, stress or the often distrust from clients or colleagues due to the fact that you are a startup, rookie or newbie, but never forget..

"..every setback is a setup for a comeback!" 

There are important lessons to be learnt with every experience and the only way to grow is if you know.. Know when to stop and reflect. Understand why you had to go through certain setbacks or uncertainties, how to GROW through those times and remember to GLOW through the steady good times!

It is ok to blame yourself sometimes and know that resilience and growth are options that are free of charge! Forget the power to fly or be invisible. Nobody can be YOU and THAT is your super power!

Embrace this super power in your current career or while you build your career! 

Be inspired and check back to for inspiring men, women and communities who have built careers and are building careers all the while growing and glowing through each adversity, setback and comeback, with authenticity, courage JOY & MAGIC!

Keep in touch! 


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