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Quick Guide To GHENT!

Quick Guide To GHENT!

Looking for a Euro-getaway destination? Try the flemish region of Belgium, Ghent! 

Ghent is the 4th largest city and arguably the most beautiful city in Belgium. With over a quarter of a million residents, it is home to some amazing hotels, restaurants and sights!

Now one of the largest and richest cities in Northern Europe, with up to 1.5 million visitors yearly, Ghent is definitely worth a visit on a quest to explore Something different!

Jaume CP BCN on Flickr

Jaume CP BCN on Flickr


Hotel Carlton 

Hotel Harmony 

Sandton Grand Hotel 



Soup 'R 

Restaurant Vrijmoed  


Annual 10 day long Ghent Light Festival

Tour the preserved and restored Medieval Architectural Buildings.

Zebrastraat also known as Zebra Street is home to the private project focused on housing, entrepreneurial & cultural initiatives and also houses several exhibitions regularly. 

Scenic walks through the city centre-like museum, with backdrops of flemish architecture and gothic sights!

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