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Career Film-Spiration!

Career Film-Spiration!

It's such a nice feeling having a good film to watch every now and then! It's an even better feeling watching something light but meaningful. 

Film teaches us so much about life, situations and processes other than our own. Film inspires us, which is great as we get an hour & a half crash course in several different areas!

Here are some films that are based around main characters and their careers. From catchy quotes and brilliant tactics, grab some popcorn and learn a tip or two about life and career via comedy and some dramaaa courtesy of the work place! 



We follow aspiring journalist Andy Sachs played by Anne Hathaway as she works her way as the assistant to an autocratic boss who is the Editor-in-chief of a successful fashion magazine. We see how Andy deals with all of the ups and downs, the uncertainties and the crazy demands of her unreasonable boss.

This film is somewhat of a cautionary tale for anyone wishing to jump into a demanding and fast paced career! Ready to play the game.. that wasn't a question. (Get it?)

Hello Giggles  

Hello Giggles


A film by Mike Nichols. Working Girl was released in 1988 and stars Melanie Griffith and Harrison Ford.

This film is a story about The ideal secretary, Tess McGrill, whose cunniving boss steals her business idea without giving her any proper credit! We see Tess go on to sign a huge deal with a major investment broker. Watch this to see how Tess works her way up the corporate ladder on her own! Girl Boss!


This film shows how to restart a career from nothing! "Every setback is a set up for a comeback!" Jerry Mcguire played by Tom Cruise shows us exactly that.

When Jerry, an efficient, smooth and very successful sports agent gets fired from his job, he has to start over. All he has is himself, his underdeveloped client roster and his equally brilliant secretary played by Renee Zellweger. Jerry goes on to build his own agency.

Watch this film for some inspiration on how to start your career from afresh. Entrepreneurial Goals!


Watch Quincy Watson, played by Jamie Foxx, quit his job as an editor due to pressures of the work place and personal drama.

After pressurised to fire a number of employees by his boss Philip Gascon (Peter MacNicol) and being dumped by his fiancee (Bianca Lawson), Quincy quits his own job and goes on to unexpectedly write a book which becomes a new york times best seller!

This film shows us how you can go from quitting a job without any set plans on what to do next, to turning things around with the support of family and friends every step of the way!

9 To 5

Released in 1980, this film stars the dynamic trio! Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin and KANGA Favourite Jane Fonda!

This classic movie is a story of 3 secretaries and their misogynistic boss, who neglects to give them the respect that they deserve. To cut an inspiring story short, the women go on to run the business in their bosses absence and basically take over!

This is an inspiring film for anyone in a career where they feel under-utilised or passed over when it comes to perks or promotions. Girl Power!




Do you have any career film-spirations? Let us know!

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