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Focus Asia • Sri Lanka

Focus Asia • Sri Lanka

Thinking about your next vacation destination? Well we have a spectacular suggestion.. Why not explore Sri Lanka? This Island nation is home to gorgeous beaches, incredible highlands and breathtaking rainforests surrounded by the famous Indian Ocean. 



South Asia is home to this amazing country with the Gulf of Mannar separating it from the great India. Enjoy the tropical climate as you take one city at a time. Visit the nations capital of Colombo or take a train ride down to the ancient city of Sigiriya, home to King Kasyapas palace which is famous for being built on top of a huge rock with breathtaking views. Sounds thrilling right? Go on then! Start planning your getaway! 


KANGA loves Elephants! So we think it's a great idea to visit Udawalawes National Park where hundreds of Elephants reside. See how they move between waterholes majestically and capture different moments! It is however advisable to not opt for an Elephant ride. They are best admired from a safe distance. We can't imagine them being harmful but better safe than sorry right? Especially when visiting a foreign country on holiday, we don't want you to take chances now do we? Either way, fun awaits! To the waterhole we say!


Below we have a list of 5 cities to visit in Sri Lanka. Kanga recommends :-

• Galle, for the adventurous traveller.  

• Anuradhapura (ancient capital) for the traveller in search of old culture tales.

• Ella, for the peaceful traveller.

• Tangalle, beach holiday anyone?  

• Nuwara Eliya, for the true nature lover.





Looking to relax and soak up the sun? Head on down to the sandy beaches of Tangalla! Grab a hat, sunscreen and flip flops for a relaxing day at the numerous beaches around. Pick one and explore!

In search of some art and culture? The city of Jaffna offers both & more! Found in the Northern province, Jaffna is home to various ethnic groups such as the Tamils & Moors. Say Ayubowan! (Translation - Hello/Long life) To the many locals and enjoy culture tales of survival and the gift of life. Explore the ancient ruins and purchase an artefact or two. (Be sure to have some Rupees at hand!) 


Sri Lanka has so much more to offer! Why not start planning your holiday? The country is good for the solo thrill seeker, a couples retreat or a family getaway. Go on, get those coins and start saving up! Just be sure to take Kanga with you! 



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