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Alternative Christmas Trees •

Alternative Christmas Trees •

Christmas is near! Decorations have started going up and you can find a Spruce, Fir or Pine at almost every corner! 

If you want to go less of the traditional route, why not go for some of these innovative alternative christmas tree ideas? 



These are perfect for small rooms and tiny spaces! You do not have to worry about moving things around or dedicating the little empty space you have left to a christmas tree!

Or maybe you just want something different! You can emulate the shape of an actual christmas tree using lights, driftwood, pine garlands and other christmas tree decorations!


This is definitely an investment piece that you can actually use all year long! You might already have some real or fake Cacti around your house. if not, they are really accessible and can be purchased almost anywhere.

The best thing about Cacti is that they are extremely easy to look after. Decorate your Cactus with some Christmas lights and decorations and maybe even redecorate it for the summer and spring with some sunglasses and a hat!


You only need 2 ladders and voila! The size depends on you, but this is a very innovative alternative to a traditional Christmas tree!

Embelish your Ladder Christmas Tree and make it more 'christmassy' with some fake snow, Christmas lights, ornaments and a huge tree topper or Moravian star!

Emmen Center

Emmen Center


This is the perfect alternative for the budget-nistas out there! Make use of stuff you probably already have around the house and design your very own Christmas tree without leaving the house or dipping into your purse. It is also perfect for small spaces. 

Get some Masking or Washi Tape and map out the shape and style of tree you want. You can decorate it with some star garlands and lights.

This is also a great way to get the kids involved with Christmas Tree decorating! A KANGA fave about this alternative Christmas Tree is that you can have several Masking or Washi Tape trees around the house all with their unique designs!

Now get to Christmas Tree decorating and make Santa proud!

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