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7 Things You Can Do With Your Old/Expired Passports •

7 Things You Can Do With Your Old/Expired Passports •

Old and expired passports! A lot of us have passports that are expired and all wrinkled up, full of stamps that hold memories of our travels.

If you have tons of expired passports and even more stamps, are you daring enough to get rid of them? As opposed to stacking them in a drawer somewhere with no use, then read on..

Before you try out any of these tips, make sure you renew your passport before getting rid of the old one, as you will probably need it for the renewal or for identification.

If you are absolutely sure you have no more use for your expired passports and you have no valid visas in them, then here are 7 unique things you can do with them. Eek!

OK! OK! You should probably photocopy the pages and use those. Yeah! Let's do THAT.



You can use your passport stamps to make fridge magnets! Step away from the common kitchen and fridge magnets to make some of your own using your passport stamps. These are also a good alternative to the souvenir fridge magnets we all have from our travels. You can have them made into fridge magnets at most gift stores. 



Another piece for the kitchen, a tray! Get one of those popular wooden trays and fill it up with as many old and expired stamps that you may have. You can take the tray apart and lay a protective surface on the stamps so you don't spill any food or drink on them.


Decorate your home or office by framing your passport stamps. You can spread them out or put them closely together, or even lay them in different shapes. They can also serve as the backdrop to all of your holiday pictures!


If you have one of those coffee tables that have layers of wood and see-through glass, get your DIY on and lay your passport stamps on the surface and cover it with the glass. This will make for a great conversation piece over some coffee or drinks!


Speaking of coffee tables, why not make some coasters with your old stamps. They are also great conversation pieces and you can have them with you anywhere you go! You can also get these done at some gift shops. 

Gift Base

Gift Base


Get a simple world map and stick your old passport stamps on it. You can stick them on countries you have been to or just lay them at random. This would look perfect in an office or living room. Create your own piece of art!

You can also use the same method on a globe. If you are lucky enough to find a white or clear globe, that would be fantastic! Fill out the complete globe one trip at a time.

A great tip - You can also use old train tickets, bus passes and flight tickets! Such a great way of putting your travel memories in one place, no? 

If you travel constantly to different destinations and go through one passport frequently then this is probably for you!

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