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20 Travel Experiences Before 20

20 Travel Experiences Before 20

There are endless travel experiences to explore out there!

Here are 20 that you should explore before 20 or in your 20's!


I• Take The Train To Paris 

Yes a flight would probably be faster, but there is nothing like dressing up in a French-ish outfit, hopping on the train and taking in the views!

2• Visit Atleast 3 European Countries 

Europe is very interesting, very beautiful and each country is very different! Endevour to explore at least 3 European countries and take in all they have to offer!

KANGA recommends 

  • Spain
  • Paris
  • Italy

3•  Go On A Safari

Safaris come in different forms! You might want to go on an African safari in Kenya, Winter Safari in Finland or Desert Safari in Dubai. 

4• Try A Different Cuisine For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

So many different cuisines, so little time? Go for a different cuisine from a different part of the world for each meal on your holiday!


Get some really comfortable shoes and try walking around the city! This is the best way to take in the sights and the vibe! And also the perfect way to take advantage of every photo op!

6• Sleep In A Cabin

Yes! A cabin! There are tons of accommodation options and hotel styles you can choose from, why not go for cabin style?! This is an experience like no other!

Top bunk for KANGA!

7• Road Trip From Dubai To Abu Dhabi

A roadtrip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is under two hours long and you will be so glad you embarked on this journey! Best time would be early in the am or later in the pm. Take in the scenic views. 

8• Party In The Park

These are so popular worldwide especially in the summer time! There are amazing festivals, concerts and parties to choose from, go to atleast one.

9• Be A Tourist At Russia's Red Square

This is perfect for a solo day out. Take in the Russian culture come sun, come snow!

10• Travel Solo

A solo trip is the perfect way to gain some more independence and learn more about yourself! Some of the best destinations for solo travellers are

  • Southwest USA
  • Greek Islands
  • Sri Lanka
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia  

(Check out Dubrovnik, Croatia "The Big 3" by KANGA) 

11• Ride A Camel Or An Elephant 

This is often a once in a lifetime type of experience! Be brave and hop on! And for all your efforts, make sure you stay on long enough for the perfect pic!

12• Visit Disneyland 

This is an experience for all ages! But just in case life gets in the way, make sure you cross off Disneyland from your list before or in your 20's.

13• Eat Spaghetti In Italy 

What better place to have some spaghetti than Italy?! With restaurants at every corner in town, you are sure to find the perfect spot!

14• Go To The Grand Bazaar In Istanbul

This is one of the biggest covered markets in the world! You can find any and everything here, at good prices too! With over 4,000 shops, you probably won't be able to see it all, but what you will see, you will love!

15• Stay In A Traditional Hotel

If you are in India, stay in a traditional Indian hotel. In Turkey? Stay in a traditional Turkish hotel. You will love the food, the decor and the surrounding neighbourhood. 

16• Feed Animals At The Zoo

Who said that zoos are only for children? Put on your most comfortable outfit and head to the zoo! You cannot leave without feeding some of the animals too.

17• Eat New York Style Pizza

If you have never had New York style pizza, then dahhhhling what are you waiting for? Go for the biggest slice with the meanest spice!

18• Visit An Olympic Stadium

If you missed the Olympic games but still want to experience the historic environment, then visit an Olympic stadium. Some amazing Olympic stadiums are

  • Beijing National Stadium  
  • Stadium Australia
  • London Stadium 
  • Luzhniki Stadium, Russia  

19• Dress In A Traditional Outfit 

Take a day out and dress in the traditional outfit of the place you are visiting. You can do this for a picture or for a day out. 

Style Point

Style Point

20• Stay In A Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels are so beautiful! They literally take you to a quaint, different world! Enjoy the gorgeous, quirky decor and get over that jet lag surrounded by four often very colourful walls!  

Do we see you planning your next holiday already? Oh yes we do!  


Editors Note • December

Editors Note • December

Mbalantu Women • The African Rapunzels

Mbalantu Women • The African Rapunzels