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•The Dubai Frame•

•The Dubai Frame•

Fernando Donis, winner of the Thyssenkrupp Elevator International Award, created this masterpiece that is sure to become one of Dubai's top attractions! 

The Dubai Frame is part of the Dubai Tourism Project for designing "the new face of Dubai." Donis was paid a 100,000 USD cash prize for the win. His idea for the project was to use Dubai as an emblem and frame the beauty that is Dubai City, rather than adding something new!


The Dubai Frame is located near Star Gate of Zabeel Park. It stands at 492 feet tall and has been in construction since 2013.  

The architect DONIS and developer Emeer Properties produced the frame to showcase 'Old Dubai' to the North and 'New Dubai' to the South. 

The Frame was initially supposed to be completed in 2015, but was delayed due to intricate selections of gold-tone stainless steel cladding.


The Dubai Frame cost over 160 million AED and will open to the public in January, 2018! It is expected to attract over 2 million visitors per year. Tickets to visit this innovative creation will be Dhs 50 for adults and Dhs 30 for children and will offer unique experiences for all! 

The tour of The Dubai Frame takes visitors on a 'Journey through time' and will start off on the mezzanine floor where visitors will see and learn about the history of Dubai and see the evolution of the city. Next, visitors will go on a panoramic elevator up to the Glass Bridge where they can enjoy breathtaking views of past and present Dubai.

C R E A T I V E  

Last, but far from the least, visitors will head on to the other side of the mezzanine floor to get a taste of the future of Dubai! Here, visitors get to have a sneak peek 50 years into the future of Dubai via a virtual metropolis using light and sound effects and virtual reality technology that will give visitors the illusion of time travel, arriving in the future of Dubai! 


80's Looks

80's Looks

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