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Travel Inspired Christmas Gifts •

Travel Inspired Christmas Gifts •

If you know a traveller or two and want to get them the perfect Christmas gift or you just want to inspire some of your friends and family to travel more, here are a few travel inspired gifts that KANGA recommends. 


Travel Mug

You can get the most dramatic one and get away with it! Who doesn't love a mug of homemade cocoa on the go?!  

Travel Pillows

For those long bus, train and plane journeys, who wouldn't appreciate this gift?

Travel Themed Books

Know someone with a serious case of Wanderlust? Here are 3 books you can get them

• The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho  

• The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner

• Cruising Altitude by Heather Poole

Water-Proof Phone Pouch

Perfect for those water or beach holidays! Help your family and friends keep their phone and holiday pics safe!  

Passport Cover

Protect your handy passport with the cutest and most durable covers! 

Luggage Tags

Keep an eye on your luggage with the brightest tags and just incase you lose your suitcase the tag will find you! 

Chic Passport  

Chic Passport

Travel Themed Jewellery

For the travel lover in your circle!  

Portable Charger/Power Bank

For those long transit hours and/or road trips.. Enough said.

Travel Scarf

Scarves are stylish and warm and can be used for multiple reasons! Cover, pillow, head wrap, you name it!

Ana Sandrine Orf

Ana Sandrine Orf

Sleep Mask

Who wants an unflattering picture while asleep? A mask will do the trick!  

Travel Journal

Pictures are great and journals are too! This is the perfect gift for the solo traveler.

Filter Water Bottles

Who knows where you will end up on your travels? These really do come in handy, especially on those long road trips.


A good staple jacket is a great gift! Maybe something that is safari, travel, shopping and sight-seeing friendly!   

Packing Cubes

Perfect for keeping your stuff organised! These will help you spend less time looking for your belongings and more time exploring!

Toiletry Bag

Two words! WATER PROOF

Portable Jewellery Box

After all, you would need somewhere to store all your travel themed jewellery! Boxes keep your pieces tangle-free and organised.

Travel Hair Dryer/Straightener

Because sometimes the ones in the hotel rooms don't come correct! 

Leather Boots

Inspire someone to go on a safari or hiking trip with these boots!

Solid Perfume/Cologne

Get rid of the weight, fuss and high possibility of leaking in your luggage!  


Be a part of the memories your family or friends will capture with this thoughtful gift


Someone out there will always need a new pair of headphones!

Happy Christmas Shopping!

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