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Editors Note • December

Editors Note • December

Hi all!

Take a moment to reflect on the past year! How many blessings can you count?

Sometimes it is hard to fully embrace all of your blessings because you fail to even see them as your are consumed with disappointments and set backs in your personal life, job or friendships.

When we focus on ourselves more, we are able to count even more blessings!

Take some time out for YOU, literally ignore the negatives and embrace every blessing from 2017!

You will quickly see your life become brighter, richer and filled with joy and magic!

Rediscover the things you take for granted. For example, every finger you have is a blessing.. 10 blessings already!

Focus on every single one and I promise that you will find that the past year has been more lit and magical than you thought and there is no way the bad will outweigh the good!

Appreciate all your blessings and continue to do so in 2018 and beyond!

You would have taken about 15-20 breathes by the time you finish reading this.. Thats almost 20 blessings in under a minute! See?!

How many blessings have you counted today? Keep in touch, let me know!

Aysha Umi

Digital Editorial Director  

KANGA Lifestyle

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