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Editors Note • February

Editors Note • February

Hi all! Here is a little message for you. 

In school, we are taught and then eventually, we get tested. In life, we are tested and then taught. Think about it, the latter is the most effective way to learn life long, valuable lessons!

Don't stick by the rules sometimes, make mistakes, change up your routines just because you feel like it and see what you get out from it! 

Be the exclamation point that follows the word 'Rebel!' 

In life, there are several things we don't understand or can't explain, but we still cherish, love and respect those things. Have the same outlook when it comes to your work, your lifestyle, your SELF! You don't have to know or fully understand what you are doing or where you are heading to. Just live. Take each moment as it comes and let life tell you about you! Yeah you can plan, but leave some time free of any plans every now and then and watch life fill in something exciting in there for you.  

From this day forward, live your life like it's Golden! Because it is! But don't panic if or when it turns blue, green or neon pink, because best believe there will be a valuable life lesson in there!  

Live good! And good luck!  


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Best wishes 



Digital Editorial Director at KANGA  

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Editors Note • March

Editors Note • March

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