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KANGA Meets Kweyve

KANGA Meets Kweyve


"There was so much fluidity in the flow of art around me, the whole experience made it clear to me, where I wanted to go. But it wasn't until I moved back home, to Nigeria, that I discovered direction. " Hafseigh .. 

Say Hello to KWEYVE! An amazing self-taught artist KANGA absolutely loves! This is one artist that appreciates nature & the beauty around her. She draws inspiration from her surroundings and is able to create stunning artwork. Hafseigh, the brain child behind Kweyve Art, is able to paint images on pretty much anything .. KANGA has been following her work for years and we feel confident that this is just the start of something massive in the creative scene in Nigeria & beyond! Meet Kweyve .. 



What is Kweyve?

Kweyve is my tribal name. It was given to me by my father. Kweyve is C'Lela for "The One woman", and that is who I've always aspired to be.


Who is Kweyve?

I am a young creative whose always had an undying love for the arts, in any form it comes. From a very young age, I would tell anyone who would listen, that one day, I was going to be an artist, and even though no one believed it, I did, and I never forgot it.



My journey took a few twists and turns, and somewhere along the line, I lost my ability to creatively express my self, or feel passionate about creating. I felt very uninspired for a long time. I went off to school, and studied business management, I tried the whole art thing on and off , but nothing felt like it was something that reflected the creative I knew I could be, so and again I closed those doors, I decided to respect the process, and focus on other things till I was ready to try again.



Over the years I became an observer, I just looked and appreciated. It wasnt till I moved to San Francisco, the start of 2015, that I consciously made a decision to return to the creative realm.


I moved to San Francisco to study Interior Architecture and Design, I had found comfort in finding a career, that allowed me to be creative but also ensured a stable income, which is I guess every artists biggest fear, but everyday, I would walk around the city in awe. It amazed me what art could do to a place, and to people. San Francisco was filled with art, so much so that it had enough to share with me. San Francisco returned art to me, the city opened me up to the possibility of what and who I could become.


I started going to as many art shows as possible, museums, galleries, I even started writing again. Most of my friends were artists too, so sometimes, we would sit in a room, or on the beach, and just rotate sketch books, and worked on each piece till they were complete, "collab pieces" we called them. There was so much fluidity in the flow of art around me, the whole experience made it clear to me, where I wanted to go. But it wasn't until I moved back home, to Nigeria, that I discovered direction.



Coming back home with all the passion I had wasn't easy. It felt like it was  the beginning all over again. I began experimenting, doing different things, trying to figure out where I fit in, style wise. I think art is an identity, and what ever you portray, has to be you unapologetically, an I wanted to be sure that I was able to let everyone know who I was through my work.

Coming back home returned me to my roots, I feel fully grounded where I am standing, and I'm ready to just keep growing, creatively..

The future looks very bright where I'm standing, I feel very inspired and that's all that matters.


 keep up with the artist on the following digital platforms  :-

Twitter -      @kweyveart / @hafseigh  

Instagram - @kweyve / @hafseigh 

Enjoy more work from Kweyve Art Below  




Pack Light, SLAY HEAVY!

Pack Light, SLAY HEAVY!

Editors Note • MAY

Editors Note • MAY