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Pack Light, SLAY HEAVY!

Pack Light, SLAY HEAVY!

Going away for a week?

Who hates a long wait in the name of 'baggage claim?!' We definitely do! 

Ladies...and gents, hand luggage is your friend!!!  

Here are some essential pieces for an easy breezy getaway! The good thing about these great pieces is that they are interchangeable and most of them can be worn in multiple ways! So no need to take your entire closet with you on holiday! 




Do up your casual look while on your short vacation with a pair of heels! Perfect for a girls night on the town or a fab dinner! Pick a pair you can wear with at least half of your outfit picks!

Make a statement with a fabulous jumpsuit. Good to go with heels or flats! Hold on to a cute jumper or shawl for the late nights!


A good pair of denim shorts are perfect for a tourist day out, the beach or a picnic! Dress it up with your Ted Baker heels for a more fashionable look towards the evening! 








Use this on a casual day out or as a cover up on the beach or by the pool! You can either go for a dark color or something super bright! Anything goes!

Sunglasses are perfect for two occasions;

On a sunny day out! Or after a long day, with more plans to go out. Just cover up your bags with a good pair of Ray Ban's! Veryyyy Anna Wintour dahlin'  

As a proper tourist, there are some essential items that you definitely need on a day out. No exceptions! Pack them all up in a cute back pack or tote!



KANGA Meets Kweyve

KANGA Meets Kweyve