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The Greenbrier- Luxury Resort

The Greenbrier- Luxury Resort

"Where experiences are timeless and memories last forever ..!" 


Take us there! We wanna go there! 

The Greenbrier is a historic landmark and world class resort with a range of fantastically designed accommodations, since 1778!

The Greenbrier is located in the middle of the spectacular Mountains of West Virginia. Here, "you'll find endless vacation possibilities." 

Choose from a variety of 710 rooms, including; suites, guest houses and estate homes. Get into a number of activities, including; outdoor swimming, golf, horseback riding, off-road driving, or any of the other 50+ activities offered at The Greenbrier! There is something for everyone! 

And if you are feeling less adventurous and outdoorsy, enjoy The Greenbrier's beautiful indoor pool, world renowned mineral spa, shopping at the designer boutiques, smart gambling at the resorts world-class casino, or some fine dining at one of the magnificent restaurants, including; The Forum and Prime 44 West.

You know what?! You can even explore the magnificently designed lobbies and meeting rooms and the entire hotel, where you can find interesting interior and design by the fabulous American interior designer and anti-minimalist (say that again!) Dorothy Draper!

So much to do and so much to see! After all, The Greenbrier is "widely regarded as one of the finest [5 star] luxury resorts around the world."   

So what are you waiting for? Book and flight and a room today!  

DUBAI                            #KangaEditorLife

DUBAI #KangaEditorLife

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