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Located in the middle of nowhere on Colombias Caribbean Coast, Costeño Beach is Colombias go-to surfing destination!  

Costeño is unpopulated for the most part and offers up to 4 kilometres of sandy beach! It is a good choice for a last minute getaway as it is secluded and affordable with amazing Island vibes for the whole family!

Costeño Beach is growing in interest and tourism as a 'backpacker and surfers' getaway!  

Do not expect wifi! But do not fret, this only allows you to take in the Island vibes that much more! And remember, you can still take gorgeous pictures in this beautiful and serene destination as there is so much to see and do.

Costeño Beach offers activities such as; 

• Surfboarding

• Yoga and

• Beach Volleyball  

You can also get into other fun activities in the surrounding area. You can head on out to; 

• Tayrona National Park

• The Quebrade Valencia Waterfall

• Don Diego or

• Swimming at La Pescina or Cabo San Juan! 

Transportation is stress free and inexpensive. With a choice of either bus or taxi. Hey! You can even hop on a motorcycle to your destination if that's how you feel!  vroom! vroom

Some intangible experiences at Costeño Beach include the magnificent sunrise and sunsets! Quite the sight for sore eyes. Another thing we love is the beauty of the ocean at night, as you get to witness the Plankton glowing! 

In addition, enjoy plam trees and palapas, good Island music and just chill out and relax out on a hammock in this beautiful and minimalistic environment! 

Accommodation includes;

• Tayrona Tented Lodge

• Costeño Beach Hotel & Surf Camp and 

• Playka Pikua Eco-Lodge

You can also choose to be adventurous! Rent out a tent or a rustic cabaña, or better yet, pitch your own tent!   

KANGAs favourite thing about this destination is the fact that it offers mountains, jungle and beach! All in the same area!  

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Editors Note - June

Editors Note - June