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Editors Note - June

Editors Note - June

Ask yourself, "when was the last time I took the plunge and travelled to a destination that was outside of my comfort zone?" 

We all fall into the routine of travelling to the same places over and over again! After all, we can easily spot the best in tourism, shopping and food because we have become so familiar with these places.

I took some what of a plunge and visited Bramely Lakes, which was not my typical travel destination! But as I spent a few nights in a 'cabin-vibe' room (think the isolation cabin in 'The Parent Trap' movie) and engaged in different physical activities, including zip-lining! Eeek! It made the thought of trying SOMETHING NEW when it comes to travel and experiences, stick out to me! 

You can never imagine what you might be missing out on until you try SOMETHING NEW!

When we travel to a new destination and engage in new experiences, we inevitably learn different cultures, sometimes even from the moment we step on to the air craft! We learn so much consciously and subconsciously and it opens up our hearts and minds to a whole new world!  

Everything is fun about experiencing a new travel destination! From the planning process up to the moments where you stop and reminisce over your trip and look at pictures after you are back home!

Travel! Engage! Explore SOMETHING NEW this summer! Get a few ideas from and share your adventures with us!!

Use the hashtag #KANGATravels so we can all join in on the fun NEW experiences!

Travel safe! And best wishes



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Shani Crowe presents .. BRAIDS •

Shani Crowe presents .. BRAIDS •