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Editors Note • August

Editors Note • August

 1,2,3.. STRETCH!


Hi there!

This month, KANGA is encouraging you to

S T R E T C H !

Stretch your body, your mind & your routines. Stretch to surpass your comfort zone in a positive way!

Sure comfortability is key, but where's the fun if you don't have several keys and several doors to fit them in?!

Try something different and get out of your comfort zone every so often! Experience different activities, destinations (even around your town or city), different cuisines or different cultures, whatever it may be!

Personally, we hope to stretch every aspect of our daily lives to be...




Good Luck!  

Aysha Umi


Digital Editorial Director at KANGA

IG: @itshergram


Morocco • Rose Festival

Morocco • Rose Festival

Ilhan Omar • Be Inspired!

Ilhan Omar • Be Inspired!