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Eyebrow Culture • WUNDERBROW

Eyebrow Culture • WUNDERBROW

With the eyebrow culture going stronger than ever! Everybody is looking for the perfect eyebrow products to take their look to the next level! Well, look no further than WUNDERBROW from WUNDER2 Cosmetics! 

WUNDER2 Cosmetics offer affordable, high-tech beauty with a range of innovative products, one of which is WUNDERBROW Eyebrow Gel!

KANGA Loves!

This one-step brow gel is used to get defined brows! Fill in and thicken your brows for your look that will last all day as WUNDERBROW is smudge proof, waterproof and transfer proof! How do you wipe it off you might ask...use an oil-based cleanser and a cotton pad to wipe off the product completely! 

Tried & True by KANGA! 

This brilliant beau-tech (beauty-technology. Hehe!) is infused with 'hair-like' fibres that produce a natural brow look! 

KANGA Loves that WUNDERBROW comes in a diverse range of colours! So you are sure to find the perfect match!

The colours appear to be super dark, but once applied, it looks perfect! Make sure you use an angle or precision brush to apply on make-up free face! Let WUNDERBROW be the first make-up product you use as you will not get the best results with super oily skin or a face full of foundation!

See how you can successfully apply WUNDERBROW here  

WUNDERBROW is the perfect travel beauty companion whether you are going on a water holiday or safari! You can always be sure that your brows stay flawless! 

FUN FACT: The WUNDERBROW gel when applied lasts up to 3 days! Cut your 'get-ready time' in half! 

KANGA is here for the different brow styles that the eyebrow culture has produced over the years and our current go-to is WUNDERBROW for that effortless, natural brow look!  

Shop WUNDERBROW here and

 "...find the most 'WUNDERFUL' version of you!"




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Brow-story! The Eyebrow Culture

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