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Explore Antigua & Barbuda

Explore Antigua & Barbuda

Thinking of that Caribbean getaway you've always dreamed of? Not sure where to go exactly? Well then, look no further than the breathtaking islands of Antigua & Barbuda! Situated between the magnificent Atlantic Ocean and the gorgeous Caribbean Sea, this Island Country is a fascinating one with lots to offer for the adventurous spirit or the calm soul.. There is something for everyone! 



With a population of just over 100,000 people, Antigua & Barbuda is full of lovely beaches & spectacular lagoons! Soak up the sun as you explore the capital city of St Johns or head on to Leeward island and rent a boat for a sailing adventure on the Caribbean waters! 


Visit Fort James for some historic sight-seeing and learn about the people's history. Did you know most of the country's natives live abroad in the US or U.K? While foreign natives of Madeira and West Africa live all around Antigua and Barbuda! Mix with different people and learn a thing or two about their culture. 



Are you a thrill-seeker? Head down to Stingray city & swim in gorgeous coral reefs and buddy up with a stingray or two! They don't bite (hehe!) 



This beautiful island country is said to have been discovered & named by Christopher Columbus! (Antigua and Barbuda is Spanish for Anicient & bearded! Around 10,000 people on the different islands speak the language.. Ola!) 


In September 2017, an unfortunate hurricane destroyed over 90% of Barbuda. The buildings and beaches were all torn apart and people were quickly evacuated to Antigua. But not to worry, you are more than welcome to visit Antigua as we wait for Barbuda to be reconstructed in the near future.. 



There are so many resorts to choose from while staying at Antigua! Kanga did some research and we have found the perfect one for all our readers! Let's explore.. 



Kanga recommends Cocos hotel for a serene and relaxing getaway! This couples/adult only resort is situated in the capital of St Johns. Located on beautiful ever-green hills, Cocos offers various cottages to choose from with breathtaking views of clear blue sea and stunning white sand beaches!  



Get ready for a tropical vacation with serene vibes and views. The main aim of Cocos resort was to give visitors a calm and relaxing experience. You're able to book a private cottage with either a beach view, sunset view or hillside view.  

Some of the cottages come with private infinity pools, while all of them have private balconies, hammocks and stunning views.  



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Editors Note • Thank You

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