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The Beauty Of Botswana •

The Beauty Of Botswana •


Experience the subtle beauty of Botswana! Take a trip down south and get a feel of cultural diversity at its finest! Botswana is home to over 20 tribes who speak different languages ranging from Bantu, Khoisan to English with Setswana being the national language of this great country. 


The lovely people are called Tswana or Batswana and there is so much to learn about them so why not learn directly from THEM?


Have you heard of the famous Kalahari desert? Oh yes! It's in Botswana! A good two-thirds of the land is covered by this vast desert.  



Head on down to the various compounds around town with round houses made of thatch & mud. Experience the ancient architecture & learn the history from the locals. The senior men are referred to as Rra while the women are called Mma. Greet them as such and you'll be sure to fit right in.


Explore the Okavango Delta and see the ambitious Mbukushu women at work. They carry around hand-woven baskets for collecting fish. You can find some of the baskets at the many different tourist markets where local made textiles are also in abundance. Be sure to buy some souvenirs for your loved ones! 


There are luxury resorts all around where you can experience the true beauty of nature and mingle with wildlife! Scared? Come oooon! 


Botswana is big on mining as Diamonds are found all across the land which has a positive impact on the country's economical growth. Agriculture is also a main source of income for the people. 


Why not head on to Namibia, Zambia or Zimbabwe while you're at it? They all border Botswana and there's sure to be more adventure waiting for you to embark on!

We'll be sure to send you a guide, just let us know which country you pick!


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Editors Note • Thank You

Editors Note • Thank You