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French Polynesia • An Island Delight

French Polynesia • An Island Delight

Holidays. Do we ever get tired of them? Who says no to a chance to swim in the sea and lay on the sand? That's hardly ever a debate! The one question that always arises when it comes to taking a trip is this - "Where should we go?!"


Well, luckily we live on a planet with thousands of holiday spots all across the globe! Wherever you live, there's surely a getaway spot for you nearby. You just have to open your eyes and see the endless possibilities!



Today we are asking you to follow us across the Pacific Ocean to the many gorgeous islands of French Polynesia!


Most people have heard of Tahiti, Bora Bora and Mo'orea. They are the most popular destinations for French Polynesia. Albeit being super lovely, we did a bit of digging and found other amazing destinations nearby these popular spots. Come, let's explore!


Have you heard of Rangiroa? It's a beautiful spot with bright pink sands and a vast clear blue lagoon! Perfect destination for diving and deep sea fishing!

Beware of the hammerhead sharks in the area! (Eek!) we recommend you only go swimming or diving in identified safe areas. We want to go back home safely don't we?

Rangiroa means immense sky and it is one of the worlds largest coral atolls! Truly fascinating.


If you're looking for a less wet getaway then way not opt for Nuku Hwa? It's a jungle destination for hikers and horse riders. Embark on a wild adventure and hunt for the hidden waterfalls and volcanic cliffs! It is said to be the Grand Canyon of the French Polynesia Islands. The view is best seen from up, up in the sky!


This island is less populated than those that surround it and is not for the faint hearted as it poses lots of physical activities such as jungle hiking on endless trails. Push your body to the limit and explore Nuku Hwa. Yes?


Why not make a double trip out of it? After the wild adventures of Nuku Hwa why not book a villa at the luxurious Brando resort nestled in Tetiaroa?

Tetiaroa gained major popularity in 1973 when famous Hollywood actor Marlon Brando purchased it (13 years after he discovered it while filming a movie) he changed the name to "Marlon Brando Island" and commenced various projects in the lovely destination.


Prior to Brando taking ownership, Tetiaroa was a private holiday spot for Tahitian royalty. It is found in the north of Tahiti and access was restricted. The royals enjoyed cultural food and performances. A lot of Tahitian history is found on the island in form of cultural artefacts.


The Brando luxury resort is home to over 30 villas surrounded by palms of Coconut and beautiful white sands! Sounds heavenly doesn't it? It's also great for the climate as the whole resort of powered by only renewable resources such as coconut fuel and solar power. Way to battle climate change! We are all for this resort!


Pick a spot and book your French Polynesia vacation today! Tell them KANGA sent you!


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