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Puglia • Italy's Best Kept Secret

Puglia • Italy's Best Kept Secret

Puglia, Italy.

Journey to this hidden gem in Southern Italy! This popular summer location for Northern Italians, can be a getaway for you too! Keep reading! 

Why? Here are a few good reasons .. 

Puglia is home to some of the prettiest little towns in Italy, including Alberobello, Gallipoli and Locorotondo. These towns are still well preserved and have remained in great condition!


It is also home to the most remarkable formation of wild Cacti! They line the roadsides and are beautiful & unique, as they include chunky pink and orange peers, which are of course prickly. Ouch! Stay clear and admire from a good distance.


You can find some luxurious boutique retreats and restaurants if you have a vast budget but fear not, it is also good for the budget traveller with a lot of fabulous and interesting options for everyone!

Puglia is the perfect getaway for a road trip! Explore this interesting part of Southeren Italy the best way possible by taking a drive! Rent a car from the airport and enjoy the beautiful sights along the way!éé 

Home to some good food, enjoy incredible pizza and pasta on every turn, in every restaurant!

Puglia lies just between the Adriatic and the Ionian sea and is 800 kilometres of pure coastline, so you are sure to enjoy some great beaches, with rocky caves and wild sandy shores! 

Some of the best beaches to visit include; Alimini Lakes and beach, Gallipoli: The Pearl of the Ionian Sea, Gargano and Torre Guaceto. H. H.  


Enjoy this hidden gem and experience one of Italy's best kept secrets!



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