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Victor Hugo’s • ESMERALDA •

Victor Hugo’s • ESMERALDA •

Esmeralda is a fictional character created by Victor Hugo in 1831 in the novel “The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Notre Dame de Paris).

You might be familiar with her character due to Disney’s adaptation of the novel.

Esmerelda aka Angés is a French-Roma young lady who after a tumultuous childhood, was sent to Paris and orphaned.

She grew up and embraced the people while living amongst the Gypsies. We love her strong dark brows and curls, her beautiful brown skin and the variety of gold accessories she wears. From her earrings, bracelets & anklets to her sash and tambourine, what's not to love? 

Esmerelda is powerful, streetwise and free-spirited! She is also very independent and kind hearted. We get a large dose of her loving heart when she became the only one in the community to show kindness and compassion for the ostracized Quasimodo, who was born with a Hunchback and was feared by the people in the town.

Esmerelda is a dancer and often performs at events with her tambourine and her goat Djali who is always by her side!  

She has been depicted in several books and movies, including Disney’s adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  


Esmerelda is barefoot all through the Disney movie.

She has stunning emerald green eyes and her name actually means ‘Emerald’ in Spanish and Portuguese.

Esmerelda is one of the fiercest and the most pragmatic female character to be depicted in any Disney movie so for that .. KANGA Loves! 



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Takachiho Gorge •

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