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To Tunisia We Go! •

To Tunisia We Go! •

Let's Go To Tunisia! But before we do, here are some quick interesting facts about this beautiful, culturally diverse and rich North African country! 


• Tunisia, located in Northern Africa, is bordered by Libya and Algeria and has a coastline along the Mediterranean Sea. 

• The Capital of Tunisia is Tunis and its residents are referd to as Tunisians.  

•  Tunisia gained independence from France in 1956.

• The official languages are Arabic and French. 

• It is the smallest country in North Africa with hot & dry summers, mild & rainy winters in the Northern part of the country, with a desert climate in the Southern part. 

• Tunisia has a terrain that poses a mixture of deserts, mountains and Plains. 

• It is home to a diverse range of animals including; cheetahs, gazelles, hyaenas and panthers. 

• FUN FACT: The Hollywood film "Star Wars" was filmed in Tunisia. 

• Tunisia has a 6,000 year old ample theatre.  

• The industry is known for Footwear, mining, petroleum, textiles and tourism. 

Tunisian Dinar is the official currency.  

• Tunisia is known for growing almonds, citrus fruits, dates, grains, olives and sugar beet.  

• The national dish is Cous-Cous, often served with meat or fish and vegetables, with delicious sauces. 

• Some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean can be found in Tunisia.  

Now you are ready! What are you waiting for?! To Tunisia it is!  




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