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Travel Trends : 2018

Travel Trends : 2018

The new year is here and a lot of us want to explore & travel more this 2018 and beyond!

If you are in need of some travel-inspo and ideas then keep on reading.

Here are some travel trends for 2018 for you to try out. 2018 is the year that should make a difference.. Travel wise!


Europe • Undiscovered Europe

This will be a huge trend for 2018.

Expect to hear stories from globe trotters visting places like Belarus and Moldova. 

forum-expat-management. Mcom

forum-expat-management. Mcom  

Travel to the Middle East •

This will continue to be a trend in 2018. In the past few years, we have seen international travelers head down to the Middle East, exceeding Europe and South America.

The Middle East is the fastest growing travel region in the world. Explore Iran and Jordan this year!

Winter Travel •

Gone are the days that the whole family would long for those summer months, as that meant TRAVEL! This year, winter is the new summer!

Winter used to be the "off-peak" season for most destinations but things are about to change according to travellers. This period is becoming widely popular as there are usually less people around this time of year, at least for now.

There are also a lot of attractive winter festivals from around the world. Travel far and wide to experience some of these in 2018!

Experience Cultures

Activities like going to the beach, engaging in outdoor fun like scuba diving and kayaking will always be in! But in 2018, why not explore the local culture of your travel destination? You can successfully get a dose of the culture by taking cooking classes often hosted by hotels, visiting the old city and embarking on a walk through the local markets! See the people, speak their language and try their food, drink and traditional dress.



Wellness Trips • 

Most people are going towards the healthy route, including health-conscious travel. Wellness trips include clean eating & activities such as yoga, environmental beauty, fitness classes and sports. Get some zen and go back home refreshed.



Destination Canda •

Canada saw some 20 million travellers in 2016! And this year, these numbers are not about to go down! Canada is growing in popularity and has become an international travel destination for people from all over the globe! With breathtaking attractions such as Niagara Falls, Banff National Park and The Rocky Mountains, it is no wonder this is a trend for 2018.

Sustainable Cruises •

With the world becoming more and more conscious about the environment and preserving the Earth we live in, sustainable cruises have grown to become a travel trend. Large ship cruises have been persuaded by the International maritime Organisation to reduce their environmental footprin.. With good reason!

Emerging Destinations •

If you are a true explorer then you know how important it is to find new and exciting travel destinations to experience.

KANGA predicts the following travel destinations will tend in 2018 - Bhutan, Ethiopia and Kazakhstan.

These countries have a growing number of tourists according to the World Bank. In addition, there are several new and exciting hotels and tours in these destinations that are sure to make your visit worth while!

SoloTravel •

This is KANGAs favourite travel trend for 2018! Solo travel is the absolute best way to know more about what truly makes you happy and fully immerse yourself in a new environment! Traveling solo allows you to wander with no limitations or hindrances. Get a tour guide for a day or two for some company if you need it.

Where will you be going in 2018? Be sure to take KANGA with you! 

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The Best Of Boston

Editors Note • The PRESENT Is A GIFT

Editors Note • The PRESENT Is A GIFT