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SOLO TRAVEL • Safety Tips

SOLO TRAVEL • Safety Tips

Solo travel is one of the biggest trends for 2018! If you are a certified wanderer, explore and traveller, then this is for you.

Here are some tips on how to stay safe as a solo-female traveller. Guys, get in here too!


1• Share your travel plans with your close friends and family. This could be any and everything, from your travel dates, flights, hotel and itinerary. (This is a safety measure)

2• Do some research on the safest areas to explore. You can also ask your hotel or the local tourist information centre. 

3• This is obvious but don't walk around at night alone! Especially in dark places, alleys and unfamiliar locations.

 4• Do not be too ostentatious when it comes to your dressing. Think less touristy and more local fashion! Blend in with everyone.

5• Use dull bags, nothing too flashy or noticeable. Something with a lot of storage and zippers is a major plus for safely storing all of your valuable belongings.

6• Carry a whistle, taser or pepper spray at all times and make sure you have the local police number with you.

7• Ignore uninvited remarks and just carry on.

8• Do not accept free rides, food or drinks from strangers. Dine indoors for more safety.

9• Use registered taxis with metered fares only or get taxis directly from your hotel. Your hotel can also get you a taxi to and from the airport. 

Carmen Vernetta de los Santos

Carmen Vernetta de los Santos

10• Wear comfortable shoes. Ready to RUN just incase!

11• Always sight safe places to run to if need be around the area (super markets, police station). 

12• Engage in group tours during the day where you can enjoy several activities and walks around the area in a safe manner.

13• Keep your delicate information safe. Properly conceal your passport, ID's and conversations.

14• Wear a fake wedding ring for extra caution. After all, how likely is it to travel without your significant other? The perception will be "they are close by" so no one is likely to mess with you. 

We are in no way trying to scare you, solo travel is an amazing experience & there are more pros than cons! 



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