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Uzbek Non

Uzbek Non

It's soft, it's fluffy, it's Uzbek Non!

In Uzbekistan at every corner in every street around the city, you are sure to find freshly baked Uzbek Non! Bread sellers everywhere carry this bread on old fashioned wheeled strollers and bikes to be sold.

Around the old city are crevices between buildings, where you can find large clay Tandoor Ovens, where the non is baked.


Non bread, naan or na'an is also popular all over Iran, Central Asia, Afghanistan, China, Pakistan, North India and Chinas Xinjang Province. This delicious chewy bread with a glossy crust is served with every meal and can be served plain, dipped in honey or with butter. It is also an accompaniment to several Uzbek dishes. Another type of Uzbek Non is the Samarkand Non. This is more dense and dry and therefore lasts longer. It is basically a giant bagel!



One distinct fact about non bread is the intricate design that is usually placed right in the center of it. To make the designs, a tool called a Chekich is used (also known as bread stamps)

This has a wooden handle with metalled spikes that are stamped into the bread. In addition to giving the bread a unique design, it is also used to keep it from rising too much in the oven by allowing steam to escape through the small openings.


FUN FACT: Uzbek Non bread was mentioned in "The Epic of Gilgamesh" written in 2100 BC 

Uzbek Non comes in different shapes, sizes and flavours. Have you tried it? What are some of your faves?


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