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Hand Luggage Beauty Essentials •

Hand Luggage Beauty Essentials •

We all know the hand luggage and carry on rules and restrictions by now when travelling via airplane.. No liquids more than 100ml, no knives, no lighters and the list goes on! 

Let's narrow our packing list a bit. Here are some hand luggage friendly travel beauty items you need not forget!  


Make sure your hair is in tip-top shape before, during and after your holiday break! These are also great for those beach and water holidays, as you wouldnt want your hair to turn to straw! Eek. A good hair oil product would be Ayurvedic Balancing Hair Oil or Posies & Co. Body and Hair Oil.


Because you aren't packing alot in your carry on, go for a good-long wear foundation with a matte finish! Keep your radiant glow all day with full coverage even in the craziest conditions! 

Some long wear foundation recommendations are - NARS and Benefit cosmetics 


One makeup product that is a must for us is Mascara! OK maybe brow gel also! Hehe! A stick that gives a thick, glossy, long wear is a must-pack!

KANGA recommends

• Benefit Cosmetics

• YSL Beauty


On that fabulous summer getaway? Oh then you simply need lavish lips to accompany you in all those selfies! Gloss is good to have because they keep your lips smooth ad nourished and are long lasting! Maybe even through that ice cream cone! Make your pick from NARS Cosmetics' wide range!


Before and/or after a long flight or a long day of tourist activities and adventures, it is good to refresh your face and make sure it stays hydrated! Use a light cream gel with a matte finish which can also serve as a base for your make up. This product is also good for a moisture balance throughout the day! KANGA recommends Clarins


Look alive people! Applying blush to your face is a great way to boost your look! It goes perfectly with any moisturiser and allows the blush to seamlessly melt into your skin! You also get all the benefits of Vitamin E and C with most brands.  



The Herbivore face mists are super hydrating and feature all natural ingredients. After a long flight or day being a tourist, use a face mist after cleansing and before moisturising. This will help reduce inflammation, hydrate the skin and oh! It's high in antioxidants! No stressed out travel skin here!

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