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Japanese Food • Unraveled

Japanese Food • Unraveled

When in Japan, it is a must to have authentic Japanese food!

KANGA has narrowed down some popular Japanese dishes & cooking methods just for you!

Some common Japanese ingredients that you will often find in dishes and on menus include; 

•Tamago - Egg

•Ebi - Shrimp

•Gugu - Beef

•Tako - Octopus

•Maki - Roll

•Ikura - Salmon Roe

•Ika - Squid

Some popular Japanese cooking methods and options include; 


This is a very popular Japanese dish. Katsu is a cutlet, usually pork, that is pressed into a flat shape, covered in bread crumbs and then fried.

FUN FACT: Because the word Katsu sounds like saying "to win" or "to triumph" in the Japanese Language, students usually eat Katsu before a big test or exam for good luck!



This is a Japanese delicacy that consists of thinly sliced pieces of raw meat or fish. It is often served with rice or soup and is considered as the finest dish in Japan.



Yaki is a word you will find often in the beginning or end a lot of Japanese dishes. Some words being;




Yaki is a cooking method where frying or grilling is involved. People often interchange Yaki with Teppanyaki, which consists of frying or grilling something on an iron plate. 



Also known just as 'Age' this is a Japanese cooking technique in which different foods are deep fried. The most common being chicken. The pieces are marinated in a mix which usually consists of garlic, ginger and/or soy sauce.


You can find the word 'Don' at the end of many dishes as Don means 'Rice Meal.' Don comes from the Japanese word Donburi or Dumburi, which literally means 'rice bowl' or 'rice bowl dish.' It is is served with a range of toppings which can be anything from beef, chicken, egg or pork.


Never pass on a great meal option in Japan ever again! 

Shokuji o o tanoshimi kudasai!

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