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Art with Kanga • Paris Expedition

Art with Kanga • Paris Expedition

In January 2019, the Kanga team took a trip to the beloved city of Paris with the sole aim of discovering art! The ancient & the modern.  

kanga relishes in discovering art across borders! The use of culture & values in different pieces creates a thirst for knowledge which KANGA forever seeks. From the mystery behind the artists, the effort that seeps from their work to the visuals of various brush strokes and the inspiration each piece of art has, there’s always a story to be told by the artist & who doesn’t love to learn more? Some forever hold a mystery that cannot be solved.. Perhaps that’s what makes Jean Michel Basquiats art that much more intriguing? Follow us on our PARIS ART EXPEDITION to learn more about Basquiat & other amazing creatives of the 21st century. 

 The Art With Kanga • Paris Expedition highlights 4 artists -

Jean Michel Basquiat  

Dennis Osadebe  

Todd Gray 

Egon Schiele

We journeyed to the Fondation Louis Vuitton where we discovered numerous pieces of art by Jean Michel Basquait & Egon Schiele.

Nestled in Saint Germain, Galerie Luisa Wang curated an exhibition featuring Neo African artist Dennis Osadebe. (A KANGA friend & fave!) 

Le grand Palais is known for its grandeur & tasteful events such as the House of Chanel fashion shows. How exciting? There we journeyed into The Micheal Jackson exhibition: OFF THE WALL.

We also discovered the phenomenal artist TODD GRAY ..

Now! Time to explore ART in PARIS with KANGA! Flip through and enjoy!  



Jean-Michel BASQUIAT • AWK

Jean-Michel BASQUIAT • AWK