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AFSHIN SHAHIDI is an Iranian photographer who has created visual images in feature films, music videos, magazine editorials, advertising campaigns and books.


He has worked with a number of people and brands, including Nutella, Home Depot, Bud Light and Hawaii Airlines to name a few but it is his work with multifaceted musical artist Prince that spanned almost 2 decades that stands out magnificently.


Afshin Shahidi became the personal photographer to Prince after meeting in 1993 In Minneapolis and went on to document some of the most iconic moments throughout his career.


“He became my mentor, business partner, travel companion, collaborator and most important - my friend. He took it upon himself to encourage me to see the world as a place of opportunities, not limitations. He taught me by example.. I knew I had to grow as a photographer, both technically and artistically - I had no choice. My subject was, unequivocally, the most talented musician of our time.” Afshin Shahidi 

PRINCE: A Private View commemorates the life and career of Prince.


In an interview with Time, Afshin reminisces on working with Prince ..

”[sometimes] He would go and play a 50,000 foot arena and then wouldn’t allow any other photographers in there and I would be the only one. I was truly responsible for having to capture some amazing images because I was the only one who was allowed to photograph him.”

KANGA had the privilege of attending the first photo exhibition by Afshin Shahidi in London, at the Herrick Gallery in Mayfair which featured rare and intimate images of Prince with limited edition prints in view, all photographed by Afshin Shahidi over the years.

This was truly an inspiring and enlightening exhibition with stories of the intimate, funny and genuine moments from each shot.
Shahidi hopes that his photographs will give the public and younger generation a renewed appreciation for one of the most eminent music figures of the 1980’s and present.


Afshin took the time to have a conversation with KANGA founders Aysha & Amira about his work, music & art of today and also KANGAs journey into ART and future plans. 


“I am excited to continue work with other passionate people, being challenged along the way to make bold choices and find the beauty in the ordinary.”

Enjoy more iconic photographs and stories from Afshin Shahidi’s book - PRINCE: A Private View which features 250 photos and a forward by another multifaceted artist, Beyoncé.


Purchase the book via the following link :


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Special thanks to Afshin for appreciating KANGA & for being on our platform. 

Egon Schiele • AWK

Egon Schiele • AWK

Editors Note • Cultural, Creative & Innovative Revolution!

Editors Note • Cultural, Creative & Innovative Revolution!